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Studex Advanced Ear Healing Solution

Studex Advanced Ear Healing Solution

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Studex Advanced Healing Aftercare Solution

STUDEX ADVANCED PIERCING AFTERCARE the latest technology in post piercing aftercare.

Studex ADVANCED is the next generation of aftercare and cleansing product based upon proven science and dermatological research and development.   Studex ADVANCED contains a unique hypochlorous technology with chemistry that ensures the solution cleans the skin without stinging and closes the pores, sealing the skin for safe skin recovery:

  • Accelerated Skin Recovery
  • Change your Ear Lobe piercing in 3 weeks (not 6)
  • Change your Cartilage piercing in 8 weeks (not 12)
  • Soothes and calms the skin
  • Minimises redness and inflammation post piercing
  • Skin neutral pH