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Shopping local has recently become an increasingly popular trend as more people are turning to local businesses to make purchases and support their local economies. There are a multitude of reasons to shop local, ranging from economic, environmental to social benefits. Economically, shopping local provides unparalleled benefits. Local businesses are better able to reinvest their profits in the local economy. Financial gains are routed back into things such as the local infrastructure, job creation, and other business support initiatives. Moreover, since local businesses tend to employ more local talent, you can rest easy knowing that your purchases are contributing to the prosperity of your local neighbours. Environmentally, buying locally is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Local businesses are often able to produce goods with more efficient, and locally sourced techniques, resulting in dramatically lower shipping costs, as well as quicker arrival times. Furthermore, since so many local businesses opt for sustainable production methods, this reduces the amount of energy and resources that are used to produce items. On the social side, buying locally offsets the global divides in wealth and contributes to a more connected community. It helps create a sense of identity and encourages those around to take a more direct approach to becoming involved in their local community, as well as contributing to the development and sustainability of it. In conclusion, there are numerous reasons to shop local. From providing economic support to the local economy, sustainability options, and involvement in the community, shopping local has become a great way to promote the development of local communities.